Project Information

Project Activities

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The key activities related to the Nanticoke Solar Project include:

  • Construction: Planned to commence in  late 2017 and anticipate completion in March 2019. General construction activities include site preparation, solar panel installation, and electrical collection system and connection.
  • Operation: Projected to commence in 2018-2019 based on current schedule and operate for a 20-year period (with proper maintenance, project could continue to operate for an additional 10 or more years). Equipment will be monitored remotely and qualified personnel will be available to perform regular preventative maintenance work.
  • Decommissioning: If the facility is to be decommissioned and the solar array is to be removed at the end of LRP contract, all decommissioning of electrical devices, equipment, and wiring/cabling will be conducted in accordance with local, municipal, provincial and federal standards and guidelines.  Any electrical decommissioning will include obtaining the required permits and following procedures before de-energizing, isolating, and disconnecting electrical devices, equipment and wiring/cabling.

Project Components

Major equipment and infrastructure associated with the Nanticoke Solar Project are described below. Note that all electrical equipment will meet Electrical Safety Authority and Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements. The Project components include:

  • Arrays of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with the cumulative capacity to generate up to 50 MW power, mounted to racking and anchored to the ground or foundations;
  • Electrical inverters to convert DC electricity generated by the solar panels to AC;
  • Intermediate step-up transformers, which will be connected to a main transformer prior to interconnection to the provincial grid;
  • Electrical cables to connect all the panels and inverters and transformers;
  • Site drainage and access roads;
  • Weather stations;
  • Security fencing around the Project Site; and
  • During construction, temporary construction laydown area and facilities (e.g., office trailers, portable toilets, etc.).

Large Renewable Procurement

The Nanticoke Solar Project was submitted into the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) I request for proposal process. The IESO offered an LRP I contract in March 2016. The commercial operation date (COD) is  March 2019.

Potential Environmental Effects

We are committed to studying and mitigating potential environmental effects of constructing, operating and decommissioning a solar facility. In accordance with the REA requirements for solar projects, Nanticoke Solar has completed the draft reports and have circulated them to the municipality, aboriginal communities and the public.  The following reports are also available on the REA Documents tab.

We welcome any comments, questions or concerns regarding potential environmental effects.

The following studies have been completed: